If you’re the type of person who settles for “good enough”, takes pleasure in complaining and avoids confronting your fears, then this site is not for you.

It’s for the elite few who reject the norm and have a burning desire to achieve physical superiority, unwavering confidence, and unbreakable mental toughness.

It’s for those who hold themselves to a higher standard than anyone else ever could.

Think of this site as a roadmap to becoming something that most dream of but never achieve: a Supersoldier.

Many have tried. Few have succeeded.

This site will provide you with the most cutting edge information in the field of strength, conditioning, nutrition, supplementation, recovery and mental training for all those in the military, law enforcement and combat sports.  what you do with it is up to you...



If you come to this site with your guard up, then you will be wasting your time as well as mine.  Check your ego at the door!  This site cuts through all the B.S. that is currently being practiced in this specialized field and may inadvertently insult your previously held beliefs in regards to every aspect of training.  Every single piece of information expressed on this site has been tried and tested (unless otherwise indicated).